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 Facilitated and Produced by John Dutton of Owls Consulting


 This is one of the most effective one-day workshops of its kind


This training intervention is designed to help anyone who is faced with the ever-demanding high-pressured world of communication. Face to face or telephonically, Being Understood and Understanding others is key in our driven world .One wrong look, one wrong action, one misunderstanding and the relationship has been lost forever. We deal with stress, targets, goals and people every day, so being equipped to handle them is key to a healthy happy successful life. Unlike most training interventions, John makes this an active fun day but also provides the delegates with real skills they can use after the programme that are effective within any Industry or the Home Environment.

Your Facilitator John Dutton has worked for some 30 years all over the world teaching effective communication skills, this workshop enables all walks of life to enjoy the learned skills from Housewives through to Drivers, Teachers and Company Directors, Sales persons, Therapists in fact anyone wanting to communicate well.


Areas Covered


  • Learning to understand, how your reactions effect others
  • Getting to see you through others eyes
  • The art of pushing peoples positivism buttons
  • How to read the mind of the person you are communicating with
  • Things you should do and say naturally but don’t
  • How to extinguish anger and disappointment
  • How to manage time through communication
  • How to self-motivate when dealing with negative people.
  • How to turn Grumpy into Great


This One Day programme will give you total insight into the psychology of Yourself, Clients, Superiors, Friends and Family and highlight the difference between average communication and effective communication. Just book, bring yourself along, dress comfortable casual and the rest will be provided.  Be warned its loads of fun, lots of action and will get you totally energize


This workshop costs R700 per person it includes materials certification and a light lunch


Company bookings for this programme on a basis of ten or more delegates can be run Nationally




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