Self Help CD’s

Self Help CD’s

John Dutton a well known International guru in the art of training one’s mind to motivate a new positive behaviour, has put together a number of new self help CDs based on his research and workings over the last 15 years.

Done in the safety of one’s own home, this time spent with your subconscious mind  uses a relaxed comfortable methodology and is both healthy and constructive and is not only safe and  enjoyable but also provides time out from our hectic world, much needed by many and at the same time creating change in one’s life. Suitable for all adults from 18 to 105.

The following CD’s are now available

South Africa R150.00 per CD includes Postage

International R225.00 Includes Postage

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Overcoming Study Problems and find more focus and confidence.

Teach yourself to sleep well and without medication

Teach yourself to motivate yourself, Ideas and Goals

Teaching yourself to live without cigarettes

Teach yourself to release stress and negativity

Teach yourself to eat healthily and exercise Ideal for weight loss

How To bring back and increase enjoyment of your sexuality