Case Studies

Case Studies



Considering I was having no success with psychotherapy, I invited her to engage in deep muscle relaxation (first phase). She enjoyed this very much. Slowly I started introducing suggestions while taking her to the second phase.

She has since consulted a specialist physician, she has changed her eating habits drastically, and she has lost 12kg’s in a period of 6 weeks! I am so impressed with her new found will power. She obviously attributes all her success to the fact that she is being treated by the specialist physician but that’s ok with me. I’m just elated by the results. She no longer thinks that surgery is her only way forward.




Proof that Hypnotherapy assists in many areas including helping nail biters to overcome the habit.

The Client featured below attended 1 Hypnotherapy session and used a CD process after her consultation.  She has been a chronic nail biter for over 20 years.




This Client was losing hair through pulling it out whilst studying, watching TV etc. It was so bad that bald patches were appearing.

I’m so happy to report that today is the fourth day that I have not touched my head. It feels wonderful! my sleeping patterns have also improved tremendously and I am able to fall sound asleep by just thinking about it. I feel like a completely new person, more energized and much happier than I was. I have been listening to the cd’s you gave me, alternating them daily and it is awesome.  I would really like to thank you for everything. I feel this is a new start for me






I am a forty three year old mother of two teenage boys with a terrible fear of going to the dentist because of my gagging (cannot tolerate anything in my mouth) problem. The only times I have gone to the dentist in recent years is to stick my crown back on which falls off every now and then. Getting a bit fed up with this, I plucked up enough courage to seek help from a dentist, and was told that I required mini implants, and, for this, impressions of my mouth would have to be taken. To take the impressions required only two minutes but this was impossible due to the gagging. And, it was here that the dentist recommended HYPNOSIS, saying that this was commonly used in the United States, and, maybe, it was my only alternative. At first, when hypnosis was mentioned, my mind immediately flashed to someone putting me off to sleep and making me do funny things. An appointment was set up with John Dutton, and having met him, and him explaining the process of hypnosis to both my husband and myself, we decided this was the way to go. I was apprehensive for my first session of therapy, not knowing what to expect, but, at the end of one and a half hours, I was completely relaxed and calm, and, it actually felt as though my shoulders were so much lighter.

During the two sessions that I had, I was aware of John’s voice but I was in a different world, and, this also happened whilst I was listening to my CD’s that John had given me to use at home, in fact drifting off to sleep on occasions.

Anyway, John said I was ready for my important appointment after the second session, but I had decided after the first session that I wanted John to be with me to which he readily agreed. On the day, I first went to John for a half hour session to prepare me, and, we then went to the dentist’s rooms. It was a first for everyone in the dental rooms but they handled things beautifully. And as for myself, John put me in the relaxing mode and things began. I must admit that I did have the gagging where I felt like vomiting but John just managed to calm me so well that according to the dentist, beautiful impressions were taken. The dentist also said that everything was made possible because of John and the hypnosis therapy, and, I wholeheartedly agree with him. John has helped me achieve something so big and great it may seem something so small and simple and easy – but for me it has been a huge and major achievement in that my dental problems will be finally sorted out.

Besides helping me overcome my fear and my gagging problem, John has given me two CD’s which will help me with stress etc. in the future – tools for life. So, it’s a very big thank you to John and hypnosis, for I would have never managed on my own.




NHTC – Musgrave

The clients Name and detail has been removed to protect her confidentiality.

The past 6 months has been the toughest for me. I feel like I have been to hell and back!!!!!!!! The worst is finally over thanks to God, guidance from my late father and hypnotherapy under the supervision of Mr. John Dutton in Durban!!!!!  This was my biggest challenge ever and even I surprised myself by beating the odds and beating this depression!!!!   I didn’t do it alone though…  I had total support from my loving husband, mother, brother, family, friends, in-laws and management at work!!! Although I had the support from them, I could not beat this depression simply by just idling, I had to take action.  I had tried everything – tablets, psychiatrists, massages, electric shock therapy and other alternate healing methods but all this was in vain.  I was also hospitalized 3 times. Through the power of God, my husband had received one of the distributed flyers that were handed out at a robot.  This was my key to total recovery.  I went to see Mr. John Dutton on the 15 June 2006 for the first time and he worked with me by putting me in a very relaxed state, it’s not the usual hypnosis where they put you off to sleep.  John also gave me a cd, which I had to listen to just once a day and he also gave me some focus exercises to do.  When you experience severe postnatal depression, you can’t concentrate at all and John’s homework for me seemed achievable and easy. Thankfully, I stayed committed to my homework.  This truly paid off as I noticed a huge difference in myself after just 1 week.  This was lightning speed for me.

When I had such severe postnatal depression, I had taken an overdose of sleeping pills, taken ratex and slit my wrists 3 times.  I was highly suicidal and only wished death upon myself.  Living was an absolute curse for me.  In my eyes there was just nothing to live even though I had everything to live for – a beautiful baby who defied the odds and was conceived with fertility treatment after two and a half years of trying and consulting three different gynaecologists, a dream house, I had also just graduated last year with my B.Com degree with specialization in Internal Auditing, I had a wonderful husband and family and just everything else any person could wish for and yet I just wanted to die!!!!!!! John Dutton saved my life and gave me my new lease on life, I owe him so much as he did for me what no one else could do and yet he is so modest giving me all the credit for changing my life into one that I wanted and looked forward to living for.