The Law & Hypnosis

The Law & Hypnosis



Please note current South African legislation prohibits anyone other than Psychologists from practicing Hypnotherapy. (or Psychology students under supervision)

At SAMHA we train Psychologists/Psychology Students and they can legally practice as Hypnotherapists. Other countries such as Great Britain and Australia recognize our Certification, so persons other than psychologists may study the Hypnotherapy programme and may use the qualification (“Hypnotherapy Certification”) outside of South Africa. (A written contract to practice outside South Africa only, is undertaken before acceptance). We currently have practitioners in England, Australia, New Zealand, and Scotland.

For non-Psychology therapists (Natural Health Practitioners) in South Africa we have the “SAMHA Hypnosis Practitioner Certification-Non Medical and GMTI Certification” that replaces the Hypnotherapy, with Meditation Techniques. The same results are achieved without infringing. Meditation is used worldwide and is safe and effective.

We are recognized and respected worldwide and interact with many medical professionals from all fields in South Africa, who have a mutual respect for us, we practice under a strict ethical code and have global standards in place.

We honour and respect the medical practitioners in this country, and in no way infringe or play any part in taking away their role, or clientele, we rather afford another option working in areas such as smoking cessation, weight loss and combating stress.

Despite spending thousands of rands trying to get a response to form a controlling body in South Africa, we have had no response from Government to date.

Students attending our course (non-Psychologists) will receive “SAMHA Hypnosis Practitioner Certification-Non Medical and GMTI Certification” and training Psychologists “SAMHA Advanced Hypnotherapy Certification ” (International Level)