SAMHA are LEADERS in training and research in South Africa, we have explored NEW material and researched NEW techniques, that we teach and share with our members keeping us on the LEADING Edge of the Hypnosis world.

More and more people are becoming aware and turning to alternative medicines and treatments and Hypnosis is fast becoming a Key Factor in helping people, in their day-to-day lives.

Science now recognizes Hypnosis.

Professors Posner and Amir Raz (USA) released scientific research factors featured in the New York Times 2005.

The healing power of Hypnosis is available from one of our qualified, listed practitioners and will not only provide you with a very enjoyable, relaxing 60 – 90 minute session, but also give you an informed insight into what treatments and techniques would best suit your needs.  The total confidentiality creates a trust factor between Client and Therapist that enables the Client to feel safe, secure and motivated to achieve a positive result.

Actual pictures taken during Research of the brain being receptive to suggestive techniques, conducted in the USA, 2005

Due to popular demand and many requests, SAMHA has opened it’s 2020 Conference to all those interested in attending, that have completed Hypnosis Practitioner Training!!! It is no longer a prerequisite that you are actively running a practice nor that you have submitted exams.  The conference and advanced weekend workshop is also open to delegates from ALL organizations in SA and abroad.

Follow this link for more information:  https://www.hypnosiscentre.co.za/2020-conference-3-2/
Download your registration form here:  https://www.hypnosiscentre.co.za/2020-conference-registration-2/

Practitioner of the Month

I can only describe my journey through life as a colorful and interesting one. One’s life is never a straight path and my life has taken many twists and turns, some were dark, painful and lonely and others filled with light, laughter and love. I think my journey has laid a solid foundation to really understand that each person’s journey is unique to them and should be heard without judgement or clouded by my interpretation of my life.

Throughout my life, people have been my passion, and this has manifested itself in many ways from being an HR Manager, a Training Manager, a Master Mentor and a Life Coach to many people. I have worked in the corporate world for many years which has ensured that I have a solid foundation on what takes place in business.

My interest in Hypnotherapy started in 2011 when I read a book called “Journey of the Souls”, this led me to attend a course with SAMHA on Past Life Regression. It was over this weekend after successfully regressing my son that my passion for Hypnotherapy started to grow. I attended the South African Modern Hypnosis Academy and successfully passed an advanced level practitioners’ course in February 2014.

Heather runs her successful practice, Heather Fountain Hypnotherapy and can be reached as follows:
Phone: 082 887 9099
Email: info@thispractice.net
Location: Morningside, Durban


Lead Article written by John Dutton of SAMHA, on “Debunking the Myths of Hypnosis”
Published in the newly re-launched Odyssey Magazine. www.odysseymagazine.co.za


Due to popular demand

John Dutton has opened a practice on the South Coast of Kwa Zulu Natal at

Palm Beach close to Port Edward

Monday to Friday

(Subject to him not being away lecturing)

Out of town clients welcome – accommodation available


Weekend or Midweek retreats available upon request.

Advanced Bookings are essential

Book At